“I could work … and never worry”


This, “from my heart” Thank You is for each and every one at Anchor Care
that cared for my mom, Tibby, in any way big or small, important or socially.

“Tibby wasn’t happy about going there, but over time so loved so many of you.
You made her feel special and we all know, she loved attention!
You folks gave her that, I am forever grateful.

“I am so gad for her that her Hall of Fame night was her shining moment.
She was so very proud of that. Thank you for making that happen.

“For me, I knew I could work my jobs and never worry about her care.
I knew she was where she would be treated with dignity, respect and love.
She was one strong woman.

“Thank you to all of ‘our’ Angels, I can’t name all of you, if I miss someone
I would be sad. You know who you are!

“I’m sure Tibby will be missed at Happy Hour, however I’m sure she is having a huge one!

“All my best to all of you. … Irma”