“I guess I’ll stay.”

During our recent “Celebration of Life,” following some music, admonition and reflections by our staff,we “opened up the floor” to allow family members to stand and share fond memories about their loved ones.  Many participated and we all enjoyed the reminiscing as well as learning new things about these patients and loved ones who have passed on to another life.

One family member stood and asked if she could share the message she’d written in a card titled “Gratitude.”  (She actually wrote this poem on the way to our “Celebration of Life.”)

“I’m not goin’! No, Siree!”  –
that’s what Ginny said to me.
It was clear she had to go,
but Ginny just responded, “No!”

“Don’t like the food. Don’t like the bed.
Don’t like the pillow for my head.
I’ll tell you when it’s time to go.
Until then, it’s ‘No, No, No.’ “

Then one day she had a fright.
It was a very scary night.
“OK.  Well, I’ll try it out
just for a little while, there’ll be no doubt.”

“Anchor Care is where I’ll be.
I’ll take a quick peek and see. …
The food is real!  The bed is fine!
They fluff my pillow any time.”

“This isn’t like the others – ‘No,’
I guess I’ll go.  I guess I’ll go.
They’re so kind there, – I know they pray.
I guess I’ll stay.  I guess I’ll stay.”

We are honored by the wonderful privilege we have to bless the lives of so many patients and families who come through our doors.