“… skilled, compassionate, steady, and very caring.”

Date:  June 5, 2013

“Dear Anchor Rehab and Care Facility,

“On behalf of my Mom and myself, I would like to thank you,
as well as commend you and your staff, for your wonderful
treatment of my Mom, D______ D______, also known as Carol.
Mom is 78 years young and since early April has been recovering
injuries and health issues] that require a lot of care and patience.
The past couple of months have been tough and she is in the process
of stabilizing her health by trying to be strong mentally and spiritually
and get back on her feet. The nursing and physical/occupational
therapy staff have been very caring and excellent.

The caretaking I have witnessed during my recent visit and also what she
tells me compel me to identify specific individuals but there are many others
unfortunately that go unnamed. Her nurses Royan, Becky and Janet
are among the nursing staff who come to mind. These individuals and
numerous others that go unnamed are skilled, compassionate, steady,
and very caring – for our family, her significant other …, and especially
my Mom.

Besides Royan, Becky and Janet there were many other exceptional
professionals and aides working on making her stay and rehabilitation
more tolerable. Jill at the reception desk made me feel so good by
acknowledging the Mothers Day flowers and care box had been received
by the facility. It’s the numerous ‘little things’ that help support the
patient and the family during the healing and rehabilitation process.

Anchor Staff CARE, they greeted mom with a big smile and had kind words
to comfort her and prod and encourage her to eat. With injuries from the falls
and other health issues], it is an uphill battle and has been a long duration
of rehabilitation.

Please let these employees know what they mean to us and honor them
for the wonderful, busy, exhausting work they do for long hours, with
professionalism, compassion and skill.

Thank you,

A grateful daughter and family.”