Thank You For Making My Sister Feel So Comfortable


I am writing to thank you for making my sister so happy there. I know she would rather be home but can’t. She has nothing but praise for you all.

She really enjoys the things you have for her to do. She feels she has more friends there and she loves her friends.

You all deserve a round of applause. Thank you. Since I am not in Florida, it makes me feel good knowings she is happy.

Have a nice day.

Sister of resident

“Thank you so much for all the special care …”

“Thank you so much for all of the special care and attention
that my Aunt Sandy received from Anchor Care
during the past several years. Please pass my deepest
thanks on to the nurses and aides who attended to all
of her needs with great care and love.

“Aunt Sandy lived a great life. I will forever remember
her wonderful dry wit, her beautiful melodic singing
voice and the close soul-to-soul relationship
that we shared.

“She has ‘loosed her earthly bonds” and gone on ahead
to a far better place.  We will miss her dearly.”

– Kris

“Little Acts of Caring”

“To the Staff at Anchor Rehab,

There are no words to express my gratitude to all of you.
I can’t name individuals but each of you who cared for my mom
know who you are.

She told me that she was always treated with kindness and
compassion by her Anchor “family.” This was so helpful to know
since my visits were not as frequent as they should have been.

I am sorry that I can’t be with you all for my mom’s memorial service
due to health issues of mine and my children. We will be there
in our thoughts and prayers.

God bless you, each and every one.


“I could work … and never worry”


This, “from my heart” Thank You is for each and every one at Anchor Care
that cared for my mom, Tibby, in any way big or small, important or socially.

“Tibby wasn’t happy about going there, but over time so loved so many of you.
You made her feel special and we all know, she loved attention!
You folks gave her that, I am forever grateful.

“I am so gad for her that her Hall of Fame night was her shining moment.
She was so very proud of that. Thank you for making that happen.

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“You made it much easier.”

[A thank you note addressed to Social Services.]

“Thank you so much for the kindness and concern you showed for my father
during his stay and discharge from Anchor. He spoke so fondly of you
and told me how nice everyone there was. It was a hard thing for me to handle
from so far away, by you made it much easier. Please share with the rest of the staff,
my sincerest appreciation.


Debra W.
[daughter of Leroy F.]

“I’ll never forget the relieft I felt …”

“The heart that gives gathers.”

A note to our Chaplain …

“I will never forget the relief I felt when I saw you at the door, awaiting my arrival,
on May 19. Such comfort!
Thank you for a wonderful Celebration of Life for all those who recently passed on,
and especially for Mom, …”

Thank You for eight years of loving care and devotion

“To Damie and the Entire Staff:

“My brother joins me in thanking the entire staff
for their loving care and devotion for our mom,
during her nearly eight years there.”

“Some people seem to specialize in doing thoughtful deeds.
Before you ask, they understand your problems and your needs.
They help because they want to, they find joy in being kind,
and making others happy is the first thing on their minds.
They make this world a better place by practicing the art
of reaching out to others and by giving … from the heart.”  (Amanda Bradley)

“… skilled, compassionate, steady, and very caring.”

Date:  June 5, 2013

“Dear Anchor Rehab and Care Facility,

“On behalf of my Mom and myself, I would like to thank you,
as well as commend you and your staff, for your wonderful
treatment of my Mom, D______ D______, also known as Carol.
Mom is 78 years young and since early April has been recovering
injuries and health issues] that require a lot of care and patience.
The past couple of months have been tough and she is in the process
of stabilizing her health by trying to be strong mentally and spiritually
and get back on her feet. The nursing and physical/occupational
therapy staff have been very caring and excellent.

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“I guess I’ll stay.”

During our recent “Celebration of Life,” following some music, admonition and reflections by our staff,we “opened up the floor” to allow family members to stand and share fond memories about their loved ones.  Many participated and we all enjoyed the reminiscing as well as learning new things about these patients and loved ones who have passed on to another life.

One family member stood and asked if she could share the message she’d written in a card titled “Gratitude.”  (She actually wrote this poem on the way to our “Celebration of Life.”)

“I’m not goin’! No, Siree!”  –
that’s what Ginny said to me.
It was clear she had to go,
but Ginny just responded, “No!”

“Don’t like the food. Don’t like the bed.
Don’t like the pillow for my head.
I’ll tell you when it’s time to go.
Until then, it’s ‘No, No, No.’ “

Then one day she had a fright.
It was a very scary night.
“OK.  Well, I’ll try it out
just for a little while, there’ll be no doubt.”

“Anchor Care is where I’ll be.
I’ll take a quick peek and see. …
The food is real!  The bed is fine!
They fluff my pillow any time.”

“This isn’t like the others – ‘No,’
I guess I’ll go.  I guess I’ll go.
They’re so kind there, – I know they pray.
I guess I’ll stay.  I guess I’ll stay.”

We are honored by the wonderful privilege we have to bless the lives of so many patients and families who come through our doors.