Happy 102 Birthday

Today we had a surprise birthday for Mrs. Gravatt, she turned 102. When asked what her secret is, she stated ” You have to work out everyday little by little, don’t push yourself”. Happy Birthday Mrs. Gravatt, may God Bless You!

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Pine Cone Turkeys

Anchor Care residents channelled inner creativity with pine cone turkeys! We’re in the holiday spirit!

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Family and Friends Dinner

Last Night was our Family and Friend Dinner here at Anchor Care and Rehabilitation Center. Thank you to everyone who helped make this Event successful.

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It may not be cold here in Florida, but who said you can’t eat soup when its hot out?

Gobble Till You Wobble

Anchor Care and Rehabilitation residents and stakeholders are gearing up for the Turkey Trot on November 15th. We had a blast making these shirts together!

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